Urgent Update – Donations

On Thursday 22nd June I was involved in a Road Traffic Accident.  I have no memory regarding this accident and it is currently being investigated, a suspected hit and run.  As a result of this accident I have multiple injuries which will require treatment.  The main ones that the CT scan showed were multiple skull fractures.  I am under doctors orders to rest for the first two weeks when my situation will be reviewed and further treatment discussed.  He has signed me off work for an initial 4 weeks.  Appreciate that during this time I am unable to session or respond quickly/fully to emails as I am under instruction to limit screen usage or avoid altogether.  Voice messages are an appropriate means of communicating with me during this time as it is difficult to read and use my eyes. 
For those of you who would like to make a donation to me during this time it would be greatly appreciated to help with ongoing medical bills, treatment costs and living expenses.  
You can do this by one of two means.  Direct online bank transfer to the following account:
Hunteress Media
Account Number: 68479680 Sort Code: 08-71-99
If you are sending money from outside UK please follow this: 
our New Details For Accepting International Payments
The required details that the paying bank will ask for to make the payment will vary, so make sure the payer uses the correct details as provided below.
What you’ll be asked for:
Details you’ll need to provide:
Description of transfer or Reference
Your unique Account Number and Sort Code need to be referenced here (with no spaces) so that we can identify your account. 
IBAN is our International Bank Account Number
International Payments Account Number
This is a new number we’ve set up for this service. It’s a shared Account Number for all international payments sent to our customers. We’ll use the reference number from above to then apply the money to your Account.
This identifies the receiving bank details, in this case NatWest, our bank partner
NatWest Bank PLC, City of London Office, PO Box 12258, 1 Princess Street, London EC2R 8BP
If the payer’s bank doesn’t allow for the address to be a PO Box, simply exclude the PO Box number from the full address
Or Pay Pal to payment@hunteressmedia.com (please do not leave any notes on the payment – if you wish to send a note please send me an email, I will respond eventually) 
Thank you for your understanding and support
Best wishes
Hunteress xoxo

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