At my last session Cassie took her Lochgelly Tawse to discipline a very naughty girl. The accused had been caught bunking off a gym lesson and masturbating behind the gym. She was dressed in an aertex top and short pleated gym skirt. Cassie gave her a good telling off and still the young lady was cheeky and unrepentant. Punishment swiftly followed with twelve strokes on her hands for playing with herself. 

This was only the warm up as the next punishment was 36 strokes on her bottom. She had to bend over and touch her toes and received the first 12 strokes over her white gym knickers. Before the second 12 her knickers were removed. For the final 12 Cassie really laid the Tawse on hard. A heavy Lochgelly is a serious belt and this one left weals and bruises all over her bottom. 

The punishment was far from over because a further belting was added on her thighs. The young lady had to hold up her skirt while 12 strokes were put across the front of her thighs. She really howled when one stroke caught her in an intimate place. Finally she had to bend over again to receive the final 12 strokes on the backs of her thighs. 

I was the school inspector and had to check out the punished areas and confirm that her hands, bottom and thighs were all sufficiently red and sore!

If anyone is considering a session featuring a Domme and a subbie girl I would suggest that you contact Cassie to discuss your fantasy. I promise that you will not be disappointed 



The Hunteress herself needs no introduction as her reputation proceeds her. For anybody with genuine masochistic tendencies she is literally a dream come true. Almost six feet tall and stunningly attractive, she possesses a commanding stature and bearing that is only enhanced by her long, powerful, and muscular legs and her strong arms. As a result, when you are ushered naked into her presence you are forcefully reminded of your own weakness and insignificance. Nevertheless she is open, attentive, and responsive in the initial consultation and puts you at your ease (if that’s possible!). Once the session is underway, however, she adopts her characteristic and totally convincing cool, professional, focused, and sadistic persona. I favour a role play that centres around a prison punishment /interrogation scenario and The Hunteress slipped naturally into the part of the jail’s head of discipline. She gradually increased the pressure on me in a detached, disdainful, and totally intimidating fashion until I was forced to give her the information that she required. In the process she gave me a sustained and severe, yet controlled, direct physical beating using her boots and fists. Naturally she zeroed in on the most vulnerable parts of my body resulting in a genuinely unforgettable session.

If you are granted the opportunity, I strongly urge you to visit this highly skilled, experienced, intelligent, intuitive, and powerful mistress. She is simply the best person I have sessioned with in twenty five years. You certainly won’t regret it. She is in a league of her own.



My first encounter with Miss Hunter was at her UK location where I received 4 dozen strokes of the cane, the healing period was four weeks. In my late forties at the time, this experience surpassed my every expectation and I realized immediately that I had been seeking such an experience my entire adult life. I still treasure the memory of this experience many years later.

Subsequently, for many months I embarked on a distance training program provided by Miss Hunter whereby Mistress managed and motivated my weight reduction from an unhealthy 93 kg to a healthy 70 kg and reintroducing me to exercise which allowed me to eventually bulk up to a toned 76 kg a weight that I have now retained for over 5 years during which time I have continued to exercise twice daily allowing me to purchase medium size ‘off the shelf’ clothes that fit perfectly instead of the extra large clothes I used to have to buy that were always too long in the arms etc.

Subsequently, I was allowed to serve Miss Hunter in person something I did both at her UK location and at international locations during her vacations etc. These experiences significantly improved my servitude skills and provided me with countless memories that I value greatly.

I believe this exposure to Miss Hunter has allowed me to be able to take a holistic view of Mistress and understand as much as one can understand the enigma that is Miss Hunter and what makes her so unique.

Miss Hunter is not a woman that offers domination services as a job of work rather she is a Female Supremacist something she deeply believes in and practices continuously in every aspect of her life. The services provided by Miss Hunter are an embodiment of the total sum of her life experiences and therefore unique in form.

Miss Hunter offers a sophisticated style of domination aimed mainly at CP connoisseurs and true submissives.

A strong, beautiful, sophisticated, imaginative woman with high IQ and outstanding mental agility however the traits that really capture you when in her company are her physical presence, her infinite energy and enthusiasm in everything that she does, her wicked sense of humor and free spirit. Mistress lives life in the ‘now’ and makes the best use of every minute of her time.

Mistress is very resilient and has no fear understanding that fear is a perception of the future based upon experiences from the past such perceptions will not restrict her in achieving her goals in life.

Miss Hunter has a presence (an aura) that is very apparent when you are in her company in fact if she walks into a restaurant people of both sexes but especially males feel compelled to put down their cutlery, pause and take a look at her.

In the event that you are presenting yourself to Miss Hunter for punishment, Mistress presence is overwhelming, it matters not what you might be thinking to yourself, once face to face with Mistress you simply do as you are told, to not do so is not an option for consideration.

Mistress’ spontaneity creates electrifying excitement and emotions. During service to Miss Hunter should something irritate her she might instruct you to bend over whilst she proceeds to administer say 12 strokes of the strap full force across your buttocks and then Mistress will continue with whatever she was doing as if nothing had happened and strangely you do not feel unfairly treated, it is simply expected that whilst serving Mistress you are her ‘whipping boy’.

Miss Hunter improved my life and hopefully extended it in doing so, she gave me a purpose whilst allowing me to feel as good about myself as I did in my mid twenties and she has brought to life my every fantasy for these things I am and will remain forever grateful to her.