Hunteress & Lady Annisa Double Sessions Edinburgh 19-21 May 2016

The Hunteress heads to Scotland again next month with another visit to Lady Annisa on the cards for 19th to the 21st May. Together they will be seeing slaves for sessions in Edinburgh where Lady Annisa has a very well equipped chambers. New slaves and those who have seen the two Dominas before are welcome to apply and book again either by using the application form on this site or by contacting Lady Annisa directly here. They share a love of medical fetish, latex, corporal punishment and interrogation to name a few.

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Hunteress & Miss Amy Hunter Double Sessions London 11/05/16

The Hunteress will be joining forces with Miss Amy Hunter in London for a day of Double sessions on Wednesday 11th May. Both Dommes enjoy a wide range of mutual activity interests, including but not limited to, Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Foot Worship, CBT, Facesitting, Humiliation and Strap On. You may apply for these sessions using the application form on this site or by contacting Miss Amy Hunter here. Tributes are expected to be in the region of £350 for one hour and an advance deposit will be expected for all bookings.



Filming with Fetish Liza Sunday 1st May 2016

Some very exciting news, The Hunteress will be filming with Fetish Liza on Sunday the 1st of May in London. A wide variety of play scenes are going to be documented so they are welcoming applications from film slaves who are available on this date who can attend. The filming is believed to be in 2 hour segments, for which a tribute will be required of £200, this will be payable upfront and non refundable. To apply for this opportunity, use the contact form on this site, or contact Fetish Liza via this link.

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After taking a hiatus from their last mission and trying to lead civilian lives, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter have been targeted by a group of rouge insurgents from the subspecies known as “man”. Upon receiving an urgent memo from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy, the two highest ranking Special Agents are on high alert.

Gathering in an unassuming den, a select number of male dissidents have begun hatching a plan to turn the tables on Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter by kidnapping and interrogating them. The “weaker sex” are determined to capture them and use their own torture techniques against them to extract this information.

But unbeknownst to this common band of imbeciles, the two Special Agents have received leaked intelligence at the last minute of this heinous Conspiracy. Without their usual diligent operative planning, they are left with less resources than usual. Thinking on their feet, they overtake the very lair intended for their own demise and use it against their would be captors.

Do you know the identity of these male assailants? Are you one of them?

The date of the Conspiracy has been leaked and identified as Friday, May 13th 2016 at a secret location in the West Midlands. Those guilty parties are asked to turn themselves in or suffer a much worse fate.

Applications close at midnight on 01 MAY 2016

Processing fee £200 (payable in advance/non refundable)
Offer only open to UK or European nationals
Limited places


Hunteress in Bangkok – April 2016

HBKKThe Hunteress will be soon visiting the city of Bangkok again. She will be there during the following dates, 7-8th April and 23-27th April inclusive. She will be available for incalls and outcalls to Bangkok hotels and residences, provided suitable references are provided. Tributes for 2 hours are expected to be in the region of 10,000 THB Thai Baht. Do not miss this unforgettable opportunity to session with one of the worlds most prominent Dominatrices in your home town of Bangkok. Applications can be submitted via the form here.