Sessions in Sharm el Sheikh 18-23 Dec

Good news Egyptian fans – I shall be returning to Sharm el Sheikh from 18-23rd December where I will be available for sessions.

If we have not yet met then I would encourage you to apply using the application form on my website here:



All advance bookings will require a non refundable deposit of 1,125 EGP to be paid in advance. One hour sessions are 3000 EGP and 2 hours 4500 EGP.



Masochist Training Sessions

Following their three successful missions in the United Kingdom, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy will be deploying Her two highest ranking Special Agents on their first overseas Tour of Duty to Amsterdam to perform Masochist Training sessions.

Upon receiving intelligence that a secret cell of the sub species known as man operates within the canals of the largest city in the Netherlands, our Special Agents are under strict orders to seek them out. Our elite Specialists, known for their brute force and unrelenting torture techniques, will use whatever tactics necessary to ensure their mission is carried out to completion.

Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter request any guilty Dutch menfolk to surrender themselves before the impending invasion for one on one Masochist Training. Those who do may be shown leniency, but with their reputation for extreme punishment, the consequences will still be dire.

During basic Masochist Training, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but not exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform (latex)

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play

For a limited time only, the Special Agents are offering one hour sessions for just 400 Euros

AMSTERDAM – NOVEMBER 28th to 30th only

The question remains….

(offer only open to residents of The Netherlands or European nations)



Well hello there! It has been some time since I have been able to do a decent update on what’s been happening but I have simply been very very busy which is no bad thing really.

Feeling fresh and more relaxed now since my Ibiza jaunt, it was definitely required and overdue. If you know me then you will know that I have a certain unexplained attraction or magnetism with that island having been many many times since 1999. Some people think that it’s just like you see on the television, scores of drunk people throwing up on each other and generally being uncouth. Sure, there is that element but it’s so much MORE than that! I was excited to go and hang with a friend of mine who was working over there doing the season – I find it really funny however that even tho she was working there she didn’t know half the people or things I knew about the island.. so it was nice to be able to show her a few things!





I hired a car for a few days to get me around, a must imo – despite staying in the Dalt Vila which is basically a no parking zone haha! I wanted to go and visit some areas in the north I had not been to before. Also I wanted to get up really early one morning and go and do a photoshoot which I did – some of the pics here.




Of course I ate really well whilst there too and had to visit my favourite place to eat which is quite a closely guarded secret… let’s just say it involves fish and a spectacular sunset!




A couple of my loyal subs made this trip much more easier and they know who they are so very grateful to them. I managed to do some shopping in Ibiza old town and bought a fantastic limited edition cream leather jacket which is winging its way to me now as we speak (no room in my suitcase for it!) Even though the trip was quite short I do feel as though I have had a rest and a bit of work and play too.

This week I met up with my good friend Goddess Miss Kelly – we both went to Mistress Demonic’s funeral a couple of weeks ago so it was nice to see her after that.


Other than that I have been busy with sessions this last week, tawsings, canings, and boxing!


This week & next week is looking pretty good availability wise if you wanted to see me before I disappear off to the other side of the world. I’ll be available in Leeds and London.

By for now x

Interrogation Bootcamp: Masochist Training Sessions


Message from the Department of Infantry:

In between major assignments, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has given Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella permission to run a basic training camp to maintain their mental agility and physical prowess.

In order keep the momentum of the fierce conduct they’re renowned for, they will be holding one on one sessions with masochists at their Chiltern Base Camp in early autumn.

If you were wondering if you were really man enough, come to the Special Agents’ one to one masochist training sessions. Here the subspecies known as man can expect the following activities to include (but not limited to):

– interrogation

– mind control

– ballbusting

– corporal punishment (whipping, paddling, caning, strapping, bastinado)

– forced exercise

– extreme humiliation and degradation

– spitting

– face slapping

– military role play

– women in uniform

For a limited time only the Special Agents are offering 1 hour sessions for just £250

Chiltern base camp – September 19th

The question remains…


(offer only open to residents of UK or European nations)

Contact: info @ APPLY HERE