INTERROGATION BOOTCAMP: LAST CALL! Masochist Training Sessions – July 26th to 31st 2016

IB Final Maso Training

Memo from the Department of Foreign Affairs

Since 2012, the combined forces of our two Special Agents has spread across the United Kingdom territory nearly depleting all of the sub-species known as man. So powerful have their ferocious tactics been with “the weaker sex” in INTERROGATION BOOTCAMP, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has decided it is time for reassignment.

In her recent CLIP, Special Agent Hunter had demonstrated that she would do anything it takes to continue the mission against the subspecies. So impressed was the The High Commandress, that she has decided to send Special Agent to a new, uncharted territory – top secret, of course.

In months to come, The High Commandress will be deploying Special Agent Bella to set up further camps in the French speaking territories (namely Paris and Zurich) although she will continue to be stationed at the Chiltern Base Camp to monitor the subspecies known as “man”.

What this means is that they will conduct one final mission. The two Special Agents will be offering one final chance to surrender to them in the UK. For those insubordinate males who feel they have what it takes, they will be conducting MASOCHIST TRAINING SESSIONS at the Chiltern base camp.

From July 26th to 31st they are offering one to one Masochist Training Sessions for £300/hr.

During basic Masochist Training, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but not exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE



The question remains….



(offer only open to residents of UK or European nations)




See the entire cataloge of clips HERE

Double sessions with Goddess Miss Kelly – 5th August

The Hunteress will be visiting Goddess Miss Kelly for a day of double domme fun ahead of her retirement in August.  Both Dommes will be seeing available on the 5th of August for domination sessions in Kent and tributes are expected to be around £300 upwards depending on length of session and activities included.  To apply for your session either use the application form here, or via Goddess Miss Kelly’s site.

Double sessions and filming with Cate Fury 18 & 25 July

The Hunteress will be joining forces one last time with Cate Fury for sessions and filming in Windsor on the 18th and the 25th of July. This is likely to be the last opportunity to session with both Dommes together in a private location close to Windsor. This is ideal for both novices and experienced slaves wishing to have a different kind of domination experience. Tributes range from £300 upwards depending on duration and activities. To apply on either date, use the application form on this site.


Doubles sessions and filming with Domina Liza 13th July in Derby

The Hunteress will be doing a day of Double Domme sessions and filming with Domina Liza in Derby, on Wednesday 13th of July. This is the last date slaves will be able to session with both Dommes together due to The Hunteress’ imminent retirement, so early booking is advised. Novices and experienced film and session slaves are welcome to apply for this date to serve both Dommes at Domina Liza’s chambers in Derby. Various slots are available, and tributes for double sessions are £300 for one hour and for film slaves, £100.


To apply for this last opportunity use the application form on this site, or alternatively contact via Domina Liza’s site.


Alas, you did read the headline correctly. It is time for me to hang up my thigh boots and move on to pastures new. My last day of sessions is confirmed as the 5th of August.

So, if you have been waiting to see me forever and not yet made an appointment, now is your very last chance, as I will not see anybody after this date.

Please respect my privacy and do not ask me questions about my future direction.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients past and present for the good times, bad times and all those who I have learned from. I will miss you all and by the looks of it you will miss me in some way, but it’s time to go.

So, so long and farewell.

Hunteress xxx