Greetings Darlings

After more than a decade of Super Domme Service (yes I thought I was going to retire too, but it seems my loyal subjects in every corner of the globe cannot replace me!) I have decided to come back on the scene. Alas my life has moved on from the United Kingdom so I am now permanently based in Asia. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to return to the scene at all, I don’t really need to; but I have had so many emails from people declaring how much they missed me, that I decided to come back, albeit with a premium service.

I have to be honest, I retired from the scene in the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. I recognise few of the players on both sides, some, who I once called ‘friends’. Oppressive legislation has become the norm. I could go on… Without digressing into a long tirade of hows and whys it will never be the same, (I believe in trying to keep things positive, and wasting as little energy as possible) I am now focussing on the future. And it is oh so very bright dear subby. Won’t you come and play today?

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