The Ultimate Femme Fatale. The Secret Agent. The Uncompromising CEO. The Hardcore Assassin. The Stunning Female Companion. I have many guises and am quite the chameleon. I can slide into any environment and any social situation with total ease and unrivalled prowess. With over a decade of experience in Professional Domination I have travelled the World dealing with the weird, whimsical, wank-filled fantasies of the global male population. Let me state this; I am not a man hater, I LOVE MEN. They are some of the most polite, intelligent, kind, caring and generous people I have ever met. For the most part. It all depends on compatibility. I welcome compatible men to my realm, to serve me, to cherish me, and to worship me. But never to possess me, as I will not possess you. Think of me as that sweet sadistic luxury that you treat yourself to, once in a while; or more frequently, if you so wish.

My Proclivities include:

Ball Kicking (mild to severe), Bastinado, Bondage, CBT, CFNM, Chastity, Corner Time, Corporal Punishment (mild to severe), Distance training/worship, Degradation, Dog training, Electrics, Eye Contact & Speech restrictions, Face slapping, Facesitting, Fantasy Roleplay, Financial Domination, Foot worship, Glove worship, Hair pulling / cutting, Humiliation, Interrogation, Judicial Punishments, Kidnap, Leather worship, Latex, Mindfucking, Mummification, Nipple play, Needles, Obedience training, Objectification, Orgasm denial/control/ruination – at my discretion, Pantyhose/Nylon Fetish, Physical beatdowns, Pony play, Psychodrama, Rubber, Sensory deprivation, Shoe / Heel / Boot worship, Sitting/Squashing, Sounds, Spitting, Strap on, Trampling, Uniforms, Watersports, Weight-loss motivation, Wax, Whipping, Wrestling.

They Don’t Include:

AB, Bloodsports, Rudeness, Smelly breath, Smoking, Unhygienic people, Vomit, Traditional Sex or Sex Acts.

I am a firm believer in compatibility. You should take the Compatibility Test Now, go do it.


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